What Happened to the Gilgandra Coo-ees

The Rejected Coo-ees

Albert Warren Pearce was rejected at the depot because of his eyesight. But he re-enlisted on April 25, 1916

John McNamara was a veteran of Sudan and South Africa, but he was Absent without leave once too often and he was discharged.

Tyson Ryan and Richard Wrigley were also discharged.

Ernest Simpson (mistakenly known as C. A. Simpson) failed to pass the medical in Gilgandra, but marched anyway, only to find he was rejected again in Sydney.


The Coo-ees Who Did Not Return 

Harold Baxter

Kia 22.11.1916

Flers France


James Crawford

Died of Wounds 3.9.1916

Mouquet Farm France


Charles Finn

KIA 7.4.1917

Noreuil France


William Hitchen

Died of Disease




Frank Humphrey

Died of Disease 23.8.1916

Havre France


Laurence Maguire

KIA 2.4.1918

Albert France


Stanley Stephens

KIA 11.4.1917

Bullecourt France

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